Taking Pen to Paper, Part 1 / by VH McKenzie

I decided to take a break from my oil painting series of subway riders and embark on a new series of strictly black and white, pen and ink drawings. 

But my work area was a disaster.

So, first step, clean up my drawing area. Even Goose thought it was an improvement, more appealing than his usual perch on the windowsill:

Next, gather my materials:

My favorite bamboo pens:

Plus a variety of nib pens:

My trusty eye dropper:

India ink, of course:

Containers and a spray bottle of water, plus some blotting tissue:

And a  4" x 6" block of Canson watercolor paper, plus several 4" x 6" hand-cut pieces from a larger sheet of Canson paper:

Then I called up some of my own photos on my computer for reference - 

And then I went to town, using a variety of pens and techniques, even adding washes of ink with a brush to some:

About 34 in all by the time I was through:

The question is, what next? Do I offer prints? Or Mounted Prints? Or something completely different?

Stay tuned for Part 2.