Can't stand the heat so I stayed out of the kitchen / by VH McKenzie

As much as I wanted to get out and about in the city this weekend, the triple-digit temperatures made my cool studio a much more attractive option.

First up, a special commissioned request for one of my clients: a NYC harbor scene on Metro subway fare card to give as a gift. I was surprised that I could squeeze all of these elements onto such a tiny canvas:


 Next up, another request for a Metro subway fare card paintingAnother client of mine suggested I paint a view of the Queensboro Bridge and I dove in this weekend. I may add a bit more detail to the  suspension rigging but I'm liking it as it is so far. 

What do you all think?

I was so pleased with the bridge that I used it as a study of sorts and began another version on an actual stretched canvas, measuring about 9" x 12". It's not finished but I made some decent progress in an afternoon on this larger version:

A closer look:

I'll post further progress as I make it (I'm optimistic!) and both bridge paintings will be available for sale on Etsy when complete.

Guess the heat was good for something after all.