One Love / by VH McKenzie

Rasta Heart 4"x6" ink, watercolor and gouache on paper

"You're truly The Queen, Victoria," said Jackson when he saw the dozen
long-stemmed roses on the dining table. Yep, the King had them waiting for
me when I came downstairs this morning.

I had to laugh because they weren't exactly a surprise. While curled up under the covers this morning, enjoying a lazy morning, he'd suddenly tossed back the blanket and said, "me haffi go dungstairs and get yuh flowers." I said that
would be lovely but he wasn't supposed to give me an advanced
notice. There's something to be said for the element of surprise.

He looked puzzled. "What I difference?" He had a point.

But he did surprise me with these......not your typical V-Day
box o' chocolates but equally welcome:

My gift to him is the "Rasta Heart" portrait........

And this hand-made valentine which quotes Sartre:
"In love, one and one are one."

Happy Valentine's Day everyone...........!