iphone art / by VH McKenzie

Finally caught up the with trends and got an iphone on Mother's Day, as I mentioned in an earlier story. Big up, to the king - LOVE him, LOVE it, it has simplified my life.

I immediately downloaded some apps to allow me to sketch and paint on the go. It's tough to get used to the very tiny screen but the app does allow you to zoom way in and work on small areas at a time ........

You literally sketch with your finger tip on the screen, choosing colors and opacity as well as brush size, with pop up palettes. These aren't exactly my best works but are done from memory/imagination so, not too shabby as a first start.......

Back to paper and paint next time.

Also, have a nice Renta-dread story in the wings -- have had a few requests for another juicy story, so what could be juicier?

Hail up the king -- loving it.