Another Run-It-Under-the-Faucet Painting / by VH McKenzie

I was really pleased with this when it was simply ink on paper but somewhere along the way, I took a wrong turn. After the first few washes of color, I decided the combination of colors just wasn't working. No harmony, not a pleasing combination.

It was just a start, but I felt it was in the wrong direction -- right?

I think I had even more paint on it the above scan shows, so I did the old wash down. Soaked it under the fauct and washed of plenty of the paint. But many watercolors, of course, still stain the paper. Some will wash right away, but others will leave a faint stain. So I still had the remnants of some color and I headed of in a slightly different direction.

As usual, I don't quite know where I'll end up..........